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disney meme [8/10 couples]: Lady and the Tramp

"The done thing means following someone else’s ideas. You? You’ve followed your own, so."


The Musketeers ’ cast.


The Musketeers ’ cast.

aramis in his musketeer uniform


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One of the best animated villains in the entire fucking universe.


1x10: Raylan Givens

Twice in the history of Extreme Rules and its predecessor One Night Stand has the vacant World Heavyweight Championship been contested for with ladders involved. The first time was in 2008, where Edge conquered The Undertaker in TLC to win his third World Title. The second occasion was three years later, when the recently-retired Edge helped Christian defeat Alberto Del Rio in a Ladder match to win his first World Heavyweight Championship, just weeks after the Rated R Superstar vacated the gold.


"Duffy’s the only lead I got, and I thought you might help me out."